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Agu Vibes Compromised


Tipping its hat to contemporary sound design and classic pop alike, Agu Vibes’ single Compromised is a pristine, well-crafted hit, which leads with blissful instrumentation and a powerful melodic progression united.

Beautifully performed, and showcasing later hints of dance-pop that quickly engage, Compromised seems to take elements of nineties RnB and fuse them refreshingly with the tones more recently found amidst acts like Years & Years.

The single starts off as smooth and simple, easy to escape into, and evolves into this stunningly immersive, uplifting and energizing dance track, which is everything EDM and pop fans could hope for this side of the lock-down.

Stylishly blending superb production and a mighty performance that meanders through multiple different styles and flows, Compromised is ironically as uncompromising as can be. A striking pop hit that works its magic all the more intensely the louder you listen. So turn up the volume.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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