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agmdre Used To


An illusive agmdre returns this season with an ambient, easy hit of escapism.

Bringing together thoughts and feelings of nostalgia, with a crisp yet delicate, blissful ambiance and vocal delivery, Used To stands tall on the strength of a simple hook resolve, and the surrounding vulnerability and realness of the rap verse.

‘You don’t love me like you used to’ repeats and repeats, yet it feels like simply another instrument or part of the process – the idea sinks in and connects for its gaping sense of truth and the likely familiar ache the words awaken in listeners.

Featuring sublime production, progressing through a soulful click of a beat, with multiple subtle layers of melody and voice, Used To offers just a fraction of the story – keeping things personal and honest, yet maintaining that accessible, relatable angle; which helps the whole thing hit with far more lasting impact.

An addictive RnB track with a contemporary finish, strong vocals – up front and personal yet still gentle in nature; in keeping with the uncertainty and realisation of the lyrics. A smooth track, melancholic and hypnotic, finely tuned for this change in season.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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