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agmdre Disconnected


Ethereal ambiance and smooth, intimate vocals unite melody and mood, throughout the deeply personal yet hypnotic and immersive agmdre single Disconnected.

Aptly in tune with the current landscape of both music and the broader topical world, Disconnected encapsulates a sense of dreamy isolation and heartbreak all at once.

Taking its time to build and envelop the listener, the production is second to none – enchanting for its fine fusion of subtle rhythms and warming synth chords.

Elsewhere, agmdre puts in a softly passionate performance, gentle and perhaps suitably tired given the nature of the lyrics, increasingly bright and impressively tuneful as the hook repeat comes in – a moment of welcomed resolve after uniquely meandering verses blend melody and rap to strong results.

Coming in at just under the three-minute-mark, Disconnected pays tribute to both trip hop and modern trap, but the resemblance on both counts is mild.

Ultimately, agmdre presents a sense of contemplative artistry, engaging the audience with melody, familiarity and honesty, whilst asserting a clear degree of thoughtful, purposeful identity; something that has stood tall throughout his career so far, and which will likely continue to ring loud across all future releases.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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