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agmdre Been A Min


Contemporary as ever and with a twist of thoughtful, intimate song-writing, agmdre blends heartfelt lyricism with equal parts modernity and reverb-soaked trip-hop vibes.

Been A Min is a relationship song, setting the mood with echoes of voice and a simple, mellow trap-style beat – complete with distant clicks for further traits of identity. Meanwhile, agmdre’s voice leads with a certain upfront realness and emotion. Not auto-tuned, not drenched in effects, but taking the front-line with subtle confidence and the simultaneous ache of uncertainty in terms of a relationship on the rocks.

Providing the perfect late night ambiance to escape into, agmdre takes on the sound of the moment with this emo-rap offering that effectively tips its hat to creatively free sound design.

The three-minute-thirty release meanders in its own way, offering a few different flows, melodic turns and variations, to keep things honest and engaging throughout. At the same time, the music keeps that mood constant, and leaves you feeling ready to explore far more of the artist’s emotive and reflective catalogue.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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