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Age Of Wires Stuck In Start


Indie rock and roll at its most classic and cutting emerges for the latest Age Of Wires anthem.

Featuring seductive layers of guitar, bass and drums, Stuck In Start rides along on the strength of a simple and nostalgic vocal lead. The verses have familiarity, whereas the hook redirects things for a fresh twist of dance-ready power and escapism. The result is a refreshing alternative to the current rock landscape, and another well-written hit from the rising UK band.

Stuck In Start builds up the passion throughout but also begins on a notable high – energetic deliveries all round, and a fine balance between the grit and character of indie-rock, and the dreamy, immersive warmth of shoegaze.

Mild hints of influence reach through, a touch of Franz Ferdinand during the callout of the hook, but otherwise Age Of Wires keep things authentically their own – conceptually poetic, thought-provoking, and musically addictive.

It’s the kind of song that begs for you to witness it in a live setting, from the kind of band who consistently embrace their audience with the fullness of timeless ambient rock – before imparting a set of ideas and feelings that hit with lasting impact. Always a pleasure to escape with.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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