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Afiya Welcome to Casablanca


Written and crafted to be part of an upcoming film, based in Casablanca, this single from artist and songwriter Afiya leads with a classic pop set-up, a twist of beach-side vibes, and a story-line loaded with imagery and scene-setting.

From the opening embrace of a melodically subtle yet still memorable hook, Welcome To Casablanca goes on to bring in some detailed, observational lyrics, along with a handful of different voices for dynamic and a clear sense of unity.

The whole thing is fairly mellow, quietly expressive, yet the vocal depth and repeat of that hook resolves things in a striking way. It intrigues, particularly regarding the accompanying film, and fortunately, given that the film was canceled due to Covid, the single also works as a retro pop song in itself – with a catchy rhythm and brightness that reignite the colour and energy of the summer-time.

Coming in at four minutes twenty, there’s plenty of time to get lost in the groove and familiarise with the lyrics – especially that hook.

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Rebecca Cullen

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Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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