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Advanced Beats and Tippa Irie Love You So


Creative drum and bass is alive and well – enter the reggae-infused good vibes of this latest alt-dance anthem from Advanced Beats and Tippa Irie.

Following its own creative pathway of four-chord piano and scattered vocals, Love You So makes and breaks its own rules throughout a four-minute thirty-four lifespan, veering on the one hand towards simple organic reggae, and on the other towards the crisp and chaotic realm of DnB.

The track is a contemporary fusion of the classic Tippa Irie song Love You So and the established production skills of the UK’s own Davey UKG and Louie V. As such, it proves boldly spacious in its near-unplugged layers of guitars, keys and vocals, and ultimately acts as a fresh take on the familiar festival moods crafted across the UK only a decade ago.

Delivering both a catchy hit and a floor-filler energy and optimism that’s infectious, the chorus of voices unites listeners, and the lyrics work towards the same end – a celebration and ode to adoration and oneness. The completed mix showcases a producer duo with a clear sense of freedom to their creative approach.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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