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Adrian DiMatteo Everybody Knows the Blues


The subtle soulfulness of Adrian DiMatteo’s voice and indeed his approach to music is incredibly refreshing and beautiful to witness. Where many modern day singers will eat up every second in showcasing their meandering vocal abilities, often at the cost of artistry that actually connects, DiMatteo offers something seductively classic and natural with this album. The opening and title track alone presents a spacious and organic bit of jazz and blues, a soundscape that allows his humble yet striking vocals to drive with passion and authenticity. In addition, the music evolves in a stunning way – building around you this nostalgic and skillfully impressive journey that’s a total pleasure to have play for you. A live show would be superb.

Alongside of impeccable musicianship and a genuine love for the genre and music in general, DiMatteo draws you in closer with some brilliant songwriting. Daily Grind works well with compelling story telling and just enough of that personal touch to make it feel real – all of which takes place alongside a mellow groove that cleverly moves from the melancholic to the optimistic; in keeping with the song’s own conceptual progression.

The smooth vibes continue throughout and it rightfully feels as if you’ve gone back in time – straight to the days of smokey jazz bars and strangers enjoying a spontaneous moment of music together. Always the artist keeps himself honest and open during the process, adding further value to an already outstanding playlist.

That I’ve Found is a personal favourite for its Little Wing-like flickers of guitar and its swing-inspired vocal rhythm and build-up. The placement of the title at the end of the hook is really effective in giving the song character and something unique to remember about it. The Blues King follows and takes the impressive guitar work in a new direction – this song introduces an acoustic folk aura that captivates from the very beginning. In terms of the bigger picture, DiMatteo has crafted this entire album relevantly and in a manner that manages to keep you involved and entranced at every step.

Ain’t That The Blues feels incredibly comforting in its familiar blues swagger and soulful delicacy, it’s strangely uplifting – as is the way of the genre, letting the music cry out quietly on behalf of the listener. Later on, Let You Down has a similar groove and level of energy – DiMatteo’s voice soothes the soul perfectly well among this type of ambiance. After that, The Blues Ain’t Enough feels wonderfully classic and takes you back even further; to a much simpler time – where masters of the guitar let the simplicity of the instrument and a few honest lyrics work their magic in a raw and real setting.

Prayer throws something of a curve-ball into the collection, an experimentally atmospheric song that seems conceptual and expressive on multiple levels. It’s one you can’t help but quiet down and listen intently to as the soundscape emerges and envelops you – rising in intensity and energy as it does so. After this, Seal The Deal finishes things up with a simple bit of musical brightness and a sweet story-line that deals with adoration and a love for the natural things in life. The final guitar solo during the latter half is a blissfully hypnotic one and well worth hanging around for.

Adrian DiMatteo is doing great things for the blues genre and for music in general, his instrumental skills and his creativity fuse gorgeously with his natural vocal talents on this project – its a pleasure to have it on loop throughout an evening. Well worth a download.

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