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Adonis Butler & MIIKØ The Comedown


Adonis Butler & MIIKØ’s return is always something to look forward to. In this case, The Comedown leans in a deeply mellow direction – a smooth beat and an equally easy-going string of vocals make for a calming few minutes that feel freshly rooted in today’s sound.

The Comedown softly fuses elements of hip hop and RnB with those a little more trip-hop inspired. The soundscape is as creative as ever, never the type to simply let a beat play and let a vocalist run wild upon it – the duo take the time to craft something complex and worthwhile. Having said that, none of the complexity takes anything away from the soothing aura of the track. On the contrary, it’s this professional approach that lets the song work so effectively. When you listen at volume, the beat keeps you feeling relaxed and the voices work in unison with this. The rap and the melody alike, while different in presentation and the effects featured, both help keep things moving in a delicate and seductive way.

As the song progresses, the various stages help really take it from good to great. There’s a certain quality to the ambiance that makes it the perfect choice to accompany those chilled out nights at home or with a significant other. Even the vocal tone and the ideas presented tie in with this – further feeding the underlying sentiment and building upon that relatable nature.

While this feels like a step in a slightly new direction for Adonis Butler & MIIKØ , it works just as well, and their professionalism undoubtedly shines as brightly as ever. The whole thing sounds fresh, finely structured and thoughtfully performed – ready to fill the void and bring something blissfully smooth into your daily playlist.

Download or stream the single here. Find & follow Adonis Butler on FacebookTwitter & Soundcloud. Visit his Website for more information. Find & follow MIIKØ on FacebookTwitter & Instagram or visit his Website.

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