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ADO Daydream


Stylishly bringing together a plethora of influences and styles from across the globe, artist and songwriter ADO – known in the fashion world for his watch brand Vitae London – has released a uniquely melodic, immersive single, with a beautifully-shot video to accompany the loving nature of the writing.

Blending a tripped-up, hi-hat-driven jazz beat, organic and easy on the ears, with a much more mellow-paced, smooth and soulful vocal line, Daydream celebrates love and intimacy in a refreshing way.

Leading with a certain lightness from the offset, the single slowly but surely weaves together layers of voice and piano, increasing the warmth and unity just softly, and enveloping its audience in consistently creative, likable ways.

Simplicity is key, and the song manages to keep things organic, genuine, minimalist even, yet still achieve an authentically fresh, exciting new sound. The latter half in particular, as the claps are welcomed into the rhythm, showcases a repeated hook melody, with multiple voices to reinforce the warmth of the sound. This entire arrangement unites gorgeously with the simple sentiments of the lyrics.

The leading voice also clearly connects to these ideas, and throughout five minutes of audio escapism we can see the clear embrace and calm of the love displayed in the visuals. A sense of support and togetherness shines brightly, and despite its extended length, the song manages to introduces just enough new details and layers throughout its lifespan – including a touch of funk-kissed guitar – to keep things engaging.

A beautifully crafted, timeless track – a personal favourite from this month so far.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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