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Addisyn Chafé When We Fall In Love


Addisyn Chafé’s latest single is beautiful, fresh from the EP Lost – the song When We Fall In Love offers absolute musical and lyrical purity that’s a joy to have build up around you.

What begins as a simple, ambient piece of music and performance, acoustic and spacious, nearly whispered yet melodically beautiful in itself, soon evolves to become something incredibly passionate; and quite striking in a whole new way. Simple artistic touches are quickly effective – the sudden appearance of a distant yet dramatic drum, the rising vocal intensity, the increasing volume and weight; these changes are subtle and brief, but they make all the difference in helping transform the song into something much more memorable.

This is the sort of track you can return to again and again, it offers delicacy and heart all at once, and it leads with a loyal and honest concept that’s very easy to connect with and appreciate. The rest of the EP follows suit creatively and sees some equally compelling melodies and soundscapes surround you. When We Fall In Love is a definite highlight though, the alternative and uncertain edge gives it a unique quality that appeals on a much deeper level.

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Rebecca Cullen

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Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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