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Addisyn Chafé Burn In Me


Addisyn Chafé’s Burn In Me is stunning, a beautiful introduction to the artist and a powerfully emotive song in itself. The soundscape that emerges from the offset sets a mellow and thoughtful ambiance, a heavy beat yet with a calm pace drives things along. On top of this is Addisyn’s leading voice, one that moves effortlessly from delicacy to intensity as the song’s varying levels of passion proceed to come through.

Burn In Me is a mighty new release that takes a little inspiration from the power-ballads of yesteryear but offers it up in a notably dreamlike, trip-hop style setting. The lyrics too veer far away from the literal and predictable likes of pop music, there’s something deeply poetic about the whole thing, and the singer’s clear connection to these words helps make this a fascinating, entrancing new track – one worth listening to at volume for the full effect.

A big part of what works with this release is the use of contrast, the beginning is so light and quietly thoughtful, whereas the later sections see absolute fullness come through with multiple layers of expressive instrumentation. Addisyn’s voice meanders in a similar fashion, moving from a near whisper initially – which starts things off beautifully, her voice is capable of captivating under just about any light – to a bold and poignant delivery during those bigger moments.

The second time you listen to this it sets you up to notice even more intricacies and moments that help give it a real edge among today’s musical landscape. The lyrics have a slightly operatic feel, there’s drama and soul to the whole thing, and at the same time it feels incredibly personal and genuine. You connect with the artist through this journey, as well as getting to experience the embrace of a brilliantly soulful song – the perfect choice for escapism. I look forward to the EP release on March 1st.

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