Adam Perez - Love Therapy - Stereo Stickman

Adam Perez Love Therapy


Smooth jazz with a vintage recording style softly introduces this fresh hip hop anthem from a thoughtful and expressive Adam Perez.

Focused exclusively on self-love, the song inspires a sense of appreciation for simply being who you are. It’s not a concept often touched upon, and the sheer optimism and clarity of the song and Adam’s bars helps really bring the topic home in an inspiring and actionable way.

Dealing with personal turmoil, anecdotes from his own life in line with those that are a little more broadly accessible, Love Therapy connects for its realism and optimism combined. You can’t love someone else fully until you truly love and appreciate yourself, and this is where the song strikes hard – it addresses the turning point, the decision to make changes.

Furthermore, the simple, classic set-up of the music – combined with Adam’s own smooth and confident, rhythmically engaging delivery – allows the whole thing to impact listeners in an equally eye-opening way.

And of course, topic aside, this kind of well-crafted, simple yet satisfying hip hop, with a touch of organic jazz, is an easy pleasure to escape into. Enjoy.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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