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Adam Lippman Wasted


Raw indie pop-rock with scene-by-scene storytelling and a likable groove – established Connecticut songwriter and musician Adam Lippman reflects on mismatches in romance, with Wasted.

Following the simple pairing of guitars and drums, Wasted offers a fairly modest yet professional presentation, in everything from its accessible leading voice to the minimalist production. Weave in a few atmospheric synths, keys and subtle intricacies as things progress, and the song slowly but surely delivers its own recognisable creative qualities.

Exploring the art of interaction and knowing when to move forward or step away, Wasted relays a familiar series of events, a topic vaguely presented so as to be made your own, and does so in a manner that feels personal enough to be an honest depiction of something real.

Wasted follows a gradually rising repertoire of positive feedback for Adam Lippman, and continues to delve into complexities of the heart in a relatable fashion. The whole thing is devotedly humble by design, the lyrics and performance all combine to pursue this direction. In short, Lippman keeps things simple and to the point, and Wasted marks a worthy reminder of that approach.

Find Adam Lippman on YouTube, Reverbnation, Instagram & Bandcamp.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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