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Adam Angel Vol. 1: Until Tomorrow


Hauntingly direct and captivating piano and strings introduce the drama and cinematic presence of this superb new alternative rock album from composer and artist Adam Angel.

The simple and brief weight of O introduces the project with a neo-classical calm united with uncertainty. An interesting, refreshingly expressive way to begin what progresses to become a rock-opera of sorts, with stunning arrangements and powerful songwriting at its core.

Consider The Transfer Student as the follow-up, the first track with the full set-up and vocals to guide us through a fascinating, poignant lyrical journey. Immediately I’m intrigued, connected, and impressed.

There’s a fine fusion of influences at work, a touch of long-form writing akin to the emo rock bands of the past decade, a dash of Dresden Dolls or something more alternative, and of course a clearly topical overtone that meets with these addictive melodies and musical build-ups to beautifully immersive, provocative results.

Ultimately it’s the songwriting that stands tall, and as the album goes on, Adam Angel continues to shine light on this; and on his own increasingly unique, cleverly recognisable style.

Interestingly there are lyrical threads throughout this project, and so the Vol 1. implication offers all the more intrigue. From one song to the next, the story evolves, and the passionate delivery confronts us all the more so.

Highlights include the melodically hypnotic and compellingly profound lyrical ache of Null and Void, and the rising emotion and mellow dramatic longing of The Same Four Words, complete with its soulful guitar solo piercing through the quiet walls of the audio. Also the instrumental prowess, subtle jazz-kissed hi-hat freshness and conceptual realism of What We’ve Abandoned; another melodically satisfying piece, with a welcomed touch of optimism to finish. On a similar note, A Screeching Heart utilises simple yet infectious melodic movements to really sink in.

All in all, this album manages to shock, scare, and secure enjoyment, whilst introducing an artist with a faultless ability in everything from musicianship to composition to writing and performance.

Brilliantly captivating, thought provoking, and authentically original. I look forward to revisiting, and to Volume II.

Download the music via Apple or Bandcamp. Check out Adam Angel on Facebook.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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