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Aruba fourpiece activemirror. first crossed our path last summer, with an engaging single that quickly showcased their heartfelt passion and distinct sound as an indie unit. This year, backed by a multitude of live shows, and prior to their headline slot at the 2024 Hi-WINDS Festival, the band reach greater heights than ever, as their new single Serendipitous proceeds to raise the bar.

Instantly distinct, fast-paced and gritty, with a nostalgic indie rock essence and a dark and intriguing subject matter, Serendipitous injects a clear edge of passionately immersive musicality into modern rock.

An anthemic yet alternative tune, with a mainstream hook and cascading, enchanting guitar play at its peak, the release showcases phenomenal drumming and all round musicianship in keeping with the unique approach of activemirror. The leading vocals too are unmistakable, a tad reminiscent of the indie rock outfits around the dawn of The Killers or Franz Ferdinand.

The songwriting also follows a fine pathway towards both interesting originality and relatable resolve – a balance that effectively draws in fans from both the underground and the popular music world at large.

Clever writing, phenomenal musicianship, contrasted performances from the delicate, nearly-whispered verses to the energised and explosive hook – Serendipitous has it all. Catch activemirror. throughout their week-long tour of Colombia this summer, and tune into their socials for updates on a potential North American tour later in the year.

Find activemirror. on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube & their Website.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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