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activemirror. I Wouldn’t Be Caught Dead Around Here


Aruba’s activemirror. light up the indie rock space with atmospheric and conceptual intention, for the immersive and dreamy new single I Wouldn’t Be Caught Dead Around Here.

Featuring an initially shoegaze-style arrangement of multiple guitars, synths, bass and drums, the new release brings in a nostalgic twist of distortion – akin to the melodic aspects of grunge and harder rock. It then goes on to introduce a Smiths-esque vocal thread of higher-toned passion and poetic wonder.

Having performed countless shows across the island of Aruba, headlining the likes of Hi-WINDS Festival this year and also gracing stages throughout Canada, activemirror. are far from strangers to the live scene. As such, I Wouldn’t Be Caught Dead Around Here emerges with a clear fusion of performative strength, high-quality musicianship, and clear songwriting ability and self-awareness.

The very structure of the track takes the listener on a refreshingly original journey, utilizing subtle hints of familiarity amidst the likes of an anthemic vocal outro and certain changes in pace and riff. Overall, however, the song largely maintains this unique identity, in a manner that will hopefully elevate the rest of the band’s upcoming catalogue.

An easy track to get lost within right now, beautifully poignant and carefully dancing along the line between softness and weight.

Single out July 21st. Find activemirror. on Facebook, Instagram & their Website.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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