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Acousticmaddie Shadows F**k in my head


Continuing down the unpredictable road of creatively free musicality, Acousticmaddie meanders along yet another unexpected pathway, veering away almost entirely from the acoustic soul and poetic grit of They Call Me Death. This latest release leans in a more detailed direction, filling out the acoustic edges or spaces of the song with rhythm, weight, and provocative ideas.

Acousticmaddie is an artist who regularly posts new music online, the likes of which vary in subject matter and musicianship quite consistently, but which always make certain your attention is drawn back to the artist, to the work that goes into all of this, and to the deep, considerate thinking that drives it. Shadows F**k in my Head undoubtedly connects further with the poetic element of previous releases, but apart from this – the sound feels like a total break-away from all that came before. The song is short, concise, quickly memorable – these poetic lines appear in subtle, rhythmic bursts; making certain you hear them, notice them, and consider them.

The concept is partly terrifying, partly unbearably relatable. This meeting of personal reality and the cinematic world of horror works well. The soundscape showcases equal parts of each – the screams, the fear, the detail, and the undeniably emotional, dramatic leading voice. The melody though, is surprisingly hopeful at times. There’s a realness to it all that contrasts with the theatrical detail found elsewhere.

The song doesn’t feel like hard-rock or metal or anything too intense to handle on a rainy afternoon, despite the darkness implied within the lyrics and the title. It plays out like something immensely intimate and honest, with various dashes of entertainment and colour – perhaps to keep a little distance between listener and artist, or perhaps to make this something unquestionably original sounding. The latter has been absolutely effective. At just a minute and a half long, the track has to leave its mark or make its point very quickly, and this, in my opinion, is achieved without question. The sense of character is on point, as is the creativity.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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