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AcousticMaddie Kissing Spiders (Feat. Pete Murphy)


The Acousticmaddie sound is pretty unmistakable once you’ve heard her writing and performances across even just a couple of tracks. This latest release, a collaborative project with the UK’s own Pete Murphy, is a song that takes on that inherent sense of character once again, but that in turn veers off in some totally unexpected and slightly unsettling direction.

It’s hard not to find yourself following the accompanying visuals along more intently than the music the first time around. As you listen further though, the meeting of melodies between the guitar and the vocals makes for an unusual creative display that gives the song a definite sense of uniqueness. The change in melody as the pace picks up also gives the track something of a classic, early metal feel – you can hear the live sound in the drum part, an organic sense of movement comes through. Alongside of this of course are various electronically sourced snippets that add a touch of further artistry and influence.

Later on in the song, the two voices join together to create a much louder and more intense offering of that central idea and melody. While the single occasionally feels like something of a free-flowing exploration of thoughts, it’s also a simply and effectively structured piece that consistently refers back to that familiar concept and line. Without even thinking too much about it, you remember the title and the underlying subject matter.

The haunting feeling generally fades away the further from that introduction you move. The first few moments are perhaps the most striking, the placement of a well known children’s rhyme in such a dark setting really draws your attention and leaves you wondering what led to this. It sets the rest of the song up pretty well. Not too many artists are writing in this way, with this sort of story-line – it makes for a distinctly original addition to the Acousticmaddie catalogue.

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