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Acosta Those Pearls (Acosta)


Freshly released from his brand new self-titled album of ten original tracks, Acosta’s Those Pearls delivers a quickly infectious sense of poetic optimism and dreamy escapism.

Leading with long-form yet still catchy guitar riffs and delicate, distant vocals, the style has a kind of surf-rock or shoegaze overtone, but a generally hypnotic vibe that soon transcends any desire to label with genres or comparisons.

Brilliant songwriting is naturally a strength, particularly the structure of these long-form personal outpourings that ultimately resolve with the memorable imagery of Those Pearls. We’re effectively lured in, and fortunately the rest of the album confidently follows suit.

My Hand Needs Holding is a strong example of a varied yet equally impressive song. Instantly the vibe is more vast, arena-ready and with a sense of rising anticipation and drama that enchants in a whole different way. Soon the beat drops in, the guitar quickens, the joy returns – Acosta has a style, but creativity allows it to extend its reach further than expected.

Much of this album feels like a diary-esque exploration of struggle intertwined with possibility and looking towards the future. It’s reflective, contemplative, always honest, sometimes dark, soaked in vulnerability, but often inspiring in its search for clarity.

I Shouldn’t Complain combines these qualities particularly well, feeling like a breathless relaying of personal difficulty before resolving in an alternative, indie-anthem kind of manner. The alternative quality intrigues after the admittedly mainstream-style nature of Those Pearls.

Also worth hearing is the rightfully light and uplifting Strawberries. Acosta’s guitar work shines brightly at all times, but here the isolated introduction reminds us of the musicianship, and the united vocal melody swiftly prompts interest in a live show. Hopefully the opportunity comes around soon. For now though, Acosta the album makes for a rather timeless, thoughtful and warming listen.

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