Acid Funk - Model D - Stereo Stickman

Acid Funk Model D


Introducing a creative producer with distinctly recognizable yet well-rooted approach to instrumental music. Acid Funk delivers an array of original tracks, each igniting a sense of positivity and artistic freedom in one stylish wave of appeal.

From shakers and hand-claps to jazz piano and funky bass, with dreamy and warped synths lighting up the path along the way, Model D presents both ambient escapism and impressive musicianship throughout its ever-shifting landscape.

The final quarter changes gears distinctly, offering a cascading synth arrangement of rising anticipation to intrigue and redirect any wandering minds.

These qualities essentially blend professionalism, skill, and an unapologetic love for the playfulness of composition, and they stand tall throughout Acid Funk’s repertoire.

Consider Acid Funk ’97, aptly nostalgic and varied as ever but still uniting those traits of ability and freedom or fun. We even get the retro bass returning to contrast the lightness of distant synths floating through elsewhere.

Undoubtedly knowledgeable in terms of music’s history and the origins of electronic production, Acid Funk continues to pay tribute to the dawn of the sounds utilized, whilst incorporating a contemporary freedom that’s refreshing to let play.

For Violet Bass, intensity takes the reigns – industrial intrigue and a spacious, cinematic presence guide us through a late-night commute of sci-fi tones in a fast-paced external world. The final drop offers multiple layers of intricacy, for an uplifting yet alternative vibe that naturally connects to the title and creative implications of that.

To sum up Acid Funk’s breadth of reach, Evangelion utilizes soulful vocal fragments and eighties-style rhythmic synths for a swirling chaos of dance-ready energy and ethereal joy.

In keeping with the identity of the sound, but notably unique in and of itself, this final piece further showcases the firmly grounded yet still creatively ambitious juxtaposition of the Acid Funk sound.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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