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Acharya Tilt


Tilt is the rather iconic new single from California duo Acharya. The song begins in a manner that feels mildly familiar – the deep vocal tone and the slightly retro echo on the keys, even the thick beat; all of this has a flicker of Depeche Mode or eighties creativity about it. However, form opinions such as this with care, because the song quite quickly evolves to be something else entirely.

What Acharya essentially showcase on this release is a unique approach to musicianship and writing alike. The lyrics grow to intrigue you more and more so, short lines pose ideas and images, and their repetition later reminds you to consider it all a little further. Meanwhile, the music wanders off down its own rhythmically addictive pathway, and there’s a sense of progression or increasing energy about the whole thing.

Musically the song admittedly takes its time to strike, but that turns out to be a real blessing. The second and third times you hear this, you know it from the moment it begins. That spaciousness, those select few details, in among what is an easily addictive melody and string of considerate poetry, creates a humble and characterful introduction to a song that later explodes with the weight and passion of an effective instrumental hook.

Acharya know how to utilise contrast to the greatest extent – the verses and the hook are like opposing forces in some ways, but they compliment each other beautifully at the very same time. The chaos and swagger of the hook is brilliant – this indie-rock vibrancy comes as a rather epic surprise. Then afterwards, the return to the simple melody, to the nonchalant leading vocal delivery – it’s all the more satisfying having been a part of something much bigger in the long run.

Tilt is a brilliant bit of writing and musicality, an exciting introduction to the band and a refreshing, creatively free yet smart piece of music that’s a pleasure to hear right now.

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Rebecca Cullen

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Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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