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Ace Maddog Outta My Mind (Prod. by Mason Taylor)


So often art that comes from struggle is the sort that connects and draws an audience in the most. In the case of Ace Maddog, his honesty and his willingness to put every bit of experience and emotion into his songwriting and his performances is undoubtedly what will appeal to listeners or hip hop fans far and wide. Outta My Mind is delicate track – a beautifully mellow, piano-driven backdrop supports the performance and makes for a thoughtful ambiance that suits the mood of the song perfectly.

In terms of the structure and style of the track, the opening melodic moments really offer something real and immediately intriguing – you warm to the sung vocal, the artist’s openness and ability to both sing and rap to a high standard creates something totally free from expectation or concern. To open with the song’s hook and the leading artist’s voice in this setting, as well as to lay bare the underlying story-line or sentiment of the song, is a great way to get people listening intently.

The truth is in the lyrics, through and through. The hook offers the centre of the story in a genuine and memorable way, the verses offer the detail and further dashes of emotional struggle in a manner that captivates. The later occasions in which the hook returns make for totally recognisable sections of the song that satisfy and are left lingering in your mind for a fair while after listening.

Ace Maddog’s voice undeniably offers a sense of character and individuality that’s further backed up by his flow and his story-telling. You quickly acclimatize to his approach and the song pours through in a compelling and heartfelt way. This release is a great introduction to his sound. Ace Maddog has stated that his injuries sustained from a gun shot, as detailed in the song, have driven him to work even harder for his art – hopefully meaning there’s a lot more to come.

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