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Absolute Doubt When Nightmares Become Dreams


Absolute Doubt and Lucki collaborate to bring music fans a brilliantly dreamlike EP, fusing superb sound design with a laid-back and sleepy vocal delivery, creating the kind of late-night vibe insomniacs and those at the end of a long week alike will revel within.

The soundscape on the opening track for this project is categorically one that stands out among its peers. That delicate wave of synths bubbles up and washes over you in a manner that soothes to the core. Meanwhile, the vocal emerges in a manner that effectively suits the mood – there’s a tiredness to the tone, a quietness that keeps your focus on the beat and its gentle rhythm far more than anything lyrically intentional.

As things move into the second track, that vocal tone brings familiarity now, and though the mood is a little darker and more distant, the whole thing follows on well in terms of the pace and the general aura of the project.

There’s plenty about this release that offers character, individuality. The soundscapes in particular are decidedly refreshing, really well crafted and ambient enough to allow you the true freedom of thought that genuine escapism tends to offer.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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