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Abryon Teenage Fever (Remix) [Prod by tyren703]


Emerging complete with a crisp and clean set of stunning visuals, the remix of Teenage Fever fuses the hard-hitting creativity of tyren703’s beat and the raw soulful passion of Abryon’s vocals. Mixed in with all of this is a sense of personality that lets the leading artist control the song and captivate within the video – he holds your attention thanks to a series of well-captured shots and a natural, genuine performance.

Abryon has plenty more music in the pipeline, which works well for the fans who hear this and quickly want more. There’s a familiarity in this meeting between RnB and the modern weight and distorted synths of hip hop or alternative pop, but at the same time – there’s a fresh edge to his vocal style, and indeed to the meandering nature of his vocal melody. There’s something slightly dark about the sound, which contrasts with the loving nature and optimism of the lyrics. The video too portrays a sense of adoration and togetherness, or at least the flirtatious beginnings of that. The music veers off down a cooler, more carefree pathway though – there’s a depth of tone to the bass sound, the fuzz, the space.

The whole thing undoubtedly offers a hint of originality that’s quite striking right now. It’s difficult to walk that line effectively – making sure to connect and be recognisable, but also wanting to portray something new and exciting. Abryon does this fairly well, it’s an easy sound to enjoy – an alternative pop song into which the singer pours so much of his own passion and soul. Where artists such as The Weeknd have taken familiarity and fused it with unexpected edge and grit, Abryon seems on the verge of pushing for a similar level of identity.

Take home the full EP on February 14th. Find & follow Abryon on Instagram & Soundcloud.

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