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ABOUTMEEMO We all spin around


It’s not all that often anymore that you come across a thoroughly refreshing, original sounding indie act that leads with impressively unique yet humble songwriting. Enter ABOUTMEEMO, an indie artist with a sound that’s quickly recognizable as being his.

The single We all spin around makes for the perfect introduction to his latest EP. The song is interesting from the offset, that tin-can effect distances the journey and appears very raw – the lyrics and the voice lean further in this direction, intriguing the listener from afar and then later satisfying effectively as the full-throttle warmth of the drop hits.

This is a totally new seeming song, for lack of a better way to define it. Nothing about the track seems familiar or reminiscent of anything in particular, yet at the same time – those indie-rock building blocks undoubtedly exist. The sound is organic, real, you can picture a live show, and it makes sense as the alternative escapism that it is. What takes the music to a whole other level though is the sense of depth, the considerate nature of the writing – and of course that voice, that style.

The way the release has been structured helps nudge things in an invigorating new direction – the various sections make sense but aren’t easy to predict in their finished state, and that’s something that feels like a breath of fresh air within today’s musical landscape. Fortunately, the rest of the EP follows suit – ABOUTMEEMO is an exciting new artist with a totally fascinating writing style – one that fuses poetry and personal experience to connect on a deeper level. The sound feels like the sort of unheard edge that first gave you a thrill back when The Pixies or similar bands of that time would emerge and be doing their own thing entirely. Well worth streaming in full – an artist absolutely worth following over the coming months.

Stream the EP love that you hold it’s the pain that you carry on Spotify. Find & follow ABOUTMEEMO on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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