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Abay Sarpee Tails of a Wounded Soulja


What’s the point in trying to survive if we’re going to die tomorrow?

Abay Sarpee aims for the heart and hits the mark with this release. While stylistically the track tips its hat effectively to the sound of today – mellow ambient vibes, a heavy beat and a partly melodic rap-style outpouring of lyrics by means of a tired and quiet vocal – this purely offers up a chance to reach a wider audience.

What helps set the song apart is both this professional and clearly creatively aware approach, and the fact that the lyrics are incredibly thoughtful, relatable in a contemporary and over-thinking kind of way, and provocative in a manner that suits this sort of audio escapism and mood perfectly.

Tails Of A Wounded Soulja is a deeply reflective and decidedly emotional piece of music. The soundscape has been well crafted, so you can get into the groove easily and let this be your traveling anthem, your late-night go-to, or even just something to have surround you when the world gets a little too heavy or the loudness of isolation a little too overbearing.

In among this is Sarpee’s voice, equally emotional, genuine sounding, and melodically entrancing. The vocal is fairly clean cut – up front and personal so as to reinforce the truthfulness and the personal touch that is the lyricism.

The second time the track starts to play, there’s something quickly comforting about it – that simple riff sets the vibe, then that hook, its melody and its contemplative nature – everything has familiarity now and kicks in even harder for that connection and memory offered up.

A beautiful song, lyrically refreshing, structurally simple yet subtly creative in the same instance – long-form bars intertwine with shorter fragments of ideas. Delicacy meets with grit – images of peace are contrasted by those of violence; again subtly, just prominent enough to leave a mark.

An easy alternative hit for the modern music fan. I look forward to hearing where else the music takes Sarpee in the near future – at just nineteen the artist has clearly started off strong. Well worth a listen.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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