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Aaron Leikin A Suspenseful March


Aaron Leikin’s A Suspenseful March offers three minutes and forty seconds of precise audio representation for the concept implied by the title. To put that a little differently – the music that unfolds before you has the rhythm and rising intensity of a somewhat epic march towards something meaningful. The artist has successfully built up the soundscape to give listeners this lingering feeling of suspense, of unresolved excitement and nervousness. It’s the heart-pounding walk to the battle field, so to speak. And it works well – you can hear this making up the soundtrack to some new sci-fi adventure.

Musically this release presents audiences with a slightly retro take on classical music. There’s a definite undertone to it all that seems electronically sourced, a little like Rick Wakeman or Vangelis (just a little), though this is far from overbearing – it is, quite simply, a thread that runs throughout. What you notice for the most part is the energy building up, the riffs and melodies that soon make themselves familiar and recognisable. You wonder what a live performance would be like, the full set-up, the full passion of the moment. You also wonder what the story-line could be; what was running through the mind of the artist when this came to be.

At the same time as all of this, the music becomes yours, and that’s what makes it powerful. You can lose yourself in the moment here, you can turn it up loud and forget whatever it was that you were concerned about. Despite the unsettled edge or anxiety of the track, there’s also something incredibly uplifting about it – inspiring, motivational even. You feel ready to face that fear and push through the struggle. It’s a simple leading riff that makes up the bulk of the journey, but its intensity is unquestionable, and the set-up and structure really reflect the changing emotions with strength and precision.

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