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Aaron Davvid Bikini


Whatever you might be expecting from a track named Bikini, what you get is probably right on point. The new release from artist and rapper Aaron Davvid is infectiously rhythmic and undeniably upbeat. Arriving just in time for the end of the summer season, hopefully the good vibes and laid back sentiment will keep listeners and fans of pop and dance music alike feeling joyful for a little while longer.

Bikini is a well produced piece of music that simply plays the role of leaving its mark in the minds of anyone who hears it. That rhythm is addictive in itself, and the arrangement of the hook on top of this makes for something that you’ll struggle to get out of your head for quite some time. Aaron Davvid’s sense of musical style comes through as somewhere between Psy (Gangnam Style) & Pitbull, effectively merging uplifting rhythms with simple melodies and a smooth rap or spoken word style of performance in between. The artist’s rap style actually stands as reminiscent of certain classics from the nineties, bringing about a welcome touch of nostalgia.

The rhythm of the piece is the heart of its appeal, musically speaking; the accompanying video is likely to draw audiences in for other reasons – it’s fairly safe to judge a song by its title in this case. Bikini has something about it that just screams pop, the sort of track you can easily hear being played over and over on mainstream radio and dance floors alike. It’s music to make you move, music you’ll remember and recognise after hearing it just once. It’s music to make you feel good, and yet it comes through with a touch of swagger and character that suggests there’s much more to come from the creative behind it.

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