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Aaron Cabott Jones Just Like the Weather


It’s a pleasure to hear something brand new from artist and songwriter Aaron Cabott Jones, especially when it’s in the form of such an enjoyable blues-rock classic.

Just Like The Weather bursts into the room with the organic energy of a live band. Aaron Cabott Jones’ voice suits this arena perfectly – the vibe fits the bluesy, misunderstood nature of the story-line; as do these vintage, scene setting lyrics that pave the way towards the hook. That Americana swagger grows more and more immersive with each new bar.

Structurally there’s always an impressive level of awareness to Jones’ work, and this song is far from an exception. The more mellow sections that follow the hook create an element of contrast that helps hold your interest – the instrumental break furthers this, and that hit of electric guitar adds some much welcomed seduction and soul.

Aaron Cabott Jones reaches two mighty peaks with this track – the first is his story-telling, the details and the way the tale progresses are beautifully well-rooted in the genre and are as compelling and clear-cut as can be. The second is his general musicality, the sound and the performance work in unison to offer a genuine love for the moment. The overall groove and the tone of voice, the flickers of instrumentation that help keep things moving – everything works as a unit to build the swagger and energy required to really draw a crowd.

It’s a simple song, but it works – everything is on point – effective riffs, minimalism, realness, fun; the makings of a smooth hit are there. I was reminded a little of Cheryl Crow’s earlier successes – the positive energy and the details, the raw musicality. A great song and one with a fairly timeless quality. Hopefully there’s plenty more to come.

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