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A Bad Think Short Street


Grammy-nominated producer, drummer and guitarist Michael Marquart – first known for his work with eighties band A Flock Of Seagulls – fronts the musically eclectic project A Bad Think.

Founded during the mid-noughties, A Bad Think now prepare to launch their poetic and charming new album Short Street – a seductive collection of organic, soft-rock originals, with hints of Americana and Folk united across 12 finely-crafted songs.

Passion Play is the opener, warmth and a catchy progression meeting with subtle lyrical depth and uncertainty to fire up a sense of intrigue and presence within the listener. We’re introduced to the voice, the identity of the sound, these personal revelations and broader relatable connections.

Masterfully produced, the natural sound of Short Street has been captured beautifully, so by the time Evening Fog rolls through, the rise from melancholic self-reflection to the brightness of the hook works its magic with ease.

Compiled of child-hood memories from a small town in Wisconsin, stories that captivate and evoke powerful nostalgia, Short Street offers an immersive array of sonic textures and layers to back up these soaring guitars and passionate yet humble, deeply-contemplative vocals. The completed experience really takes the listener somewhere, blending timeless Pop and Rock layers amidst an accessible, soul-kissed vocal guide and alluring poetic imagery.

A Diamond in The Sky uplifts in a way rightfully implied by its name, brightness and optimism bridging the gap between personal anecdotes and broader revelations that prompt the mind to wander.

This writing style allows for authenticity and heart to shine, all the while permitting the listener their own unique journey along the way. Sophie’s Choice marks another fine example of precisely that thought-provoking quality and dynamic – as does the impassioned and mighty Pages of The Past; a definite highlight.

After this, the surf-side reverb and vastness of Fall In Love hits with sincere impact. We’re then guided through smooth tones and bigger-band vibes from Danny Boy through Fuel To Flame, before the rhythmic stomp and cascading electric guitar-work of a boldly vulnerable Fall Back in Line aims straight for the self; another favourite.

From subtle Americana twangs to Pop-Rock warmth, Folk-lyricism and Singer-Songwriter reality, Short Street feels, by all accounts, like a classic album. Every element is crucial in achieving this, gifted appropriate balance between lyrical ventures, arrangements and solos.

You Better Not Be Late and Hammer and the Plow reinforce these truths towards the end, the latter really capturing an acoustic Country-Folk essence that suits the quieter angles of Marquart’s voice beautifully; a heartfelt final highlight.

“I just can’t remember why, I can’t remember what I was fighting for…”

An arena-ready Brand New Day closes things down with one last juxtaposition from sadness to outright positivity and shine. In every setting, however, the musicianship and guiding protagonist of Short Street more than meet the needs of the moment.

Recorded using a number of vintage guitars from Marquart’s own collection, the clarity and depth of the musicality offers a live-style embrace that’s second to none – backing up the weight and wonder of these topics with both precision and soul.

Stream the album Short Street on all platforms from July 28th. You can also download in Dolby Atmos from Immersive Audio Album. Find A Bad Think on Facebook, YouTube & Twitter.

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Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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