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5Chevez Aqui El Chido So Yo


5Chevez are a rap duo currently based in Chicago. Their music comes through initially with an atmospheric darkness reminiscent of some of the heavier hip-hop offerings from recent decades; their rap performances have the appropriate level of angst and confidence to carry this off effectively. As Aqui El Chido So Yo progresses though, the music that emerges is structurally quite complex, and the sound soon evolves into something more of an electronic rock or alternative electronica backdrop. The opening riff sets a certain scene, as does the gravel and character of the first vocal moments, but what follows creates a pretty different kind of ambiance.

The structure of the track is notably unique and interesting to witness. The melodic hook comes through with the familiar vocal effect of much of modern hip-hop, however it’s used here in an uncommon way, and the melody arrives as a fairly tuneful contrast to the weight of the surrounding sections. The duo undoubtedly offer something fresh and true to their own preferences and their own sense of style and personality.

The music takes up a lot of space within the track, it’s not merely a backdrop for them to consistently rap upon, the pair have crafted the release with music and mood in mind, and this creativity is something that shines consistently. The melodic section is repeated relentlessly towards the end of the track, giving off that electronic rock or even EDM vibe – as mentioned earlier. The vibe remains fairly mellow, but the whole thing takes on a new and unexpected identity. This is something that seems to be true throughout 5Chevez’ catalogue of releases. Fans of original and creative hip-hop should check it out. No doubt their live shows present a lot of passion and individuality.

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