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4klyoungin So Much


Immediately grabbing attention for its melodic softness and dreamlike aura in general, 4klyoungin keeps things intimate and genuine on this emotive, honest new single So Much.

Leading with a quickly likable beat, blending creative freedom of choice with the contemporary rhythms of hip hop and trap, alongside a vocal that pours through almost like a freestyle, the song is incredibly passionate, and lays bare a sense of vulnerability that’s easy to connect with.

4klyoungin commits to the performance, without a doubt. Despite the optimism of the soundscape, the delivery is incredibly poignant, loaded with heart, soul, and struggle, and consistently the lyrics resolve back to this central concept of pain.

Offering a decidedly home-made recording quality, So Much speaks volumes on behalf of dedication to the craft and authenticity. While there’s a contemporary emo-rap core to the arrangement, this fusion of melody and rap, there’s also plenty that tips its hat to individuality and artistry. Hopefully that’s a quality that will continue to shine and connect throughout his releases.

Great sound design, lyrical focus and passion, a meandering delivery that keeps things interesting and open. Nicely done.

Download or stream So Much from December 4th. Check out 4klyoungin on Facebook & Instagram.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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