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4ez’s return this year offers up a single loaded with personality and some smooth and soulful vibes. Thoughts brings together a delicate ambiance with a definite sense of identity that is 4ez’s voice and the bars he presents. Rather than having the track appear loud and attention grabbing from afar though, there’s a subtlety to the whole thing that actually lets it connect in a more genuine way. Nothing flashy or fake is required in order to create the listening experience, the performance is honest and the music flows through in an easy to appreciate manner.

The second time you hear this, that soundscape shines brightly for its now familiar lightness and those personal intricacies that give it such colour and character. Mixed in among this is the artist’s own varied and structurally interesting performance – the moments evolves and change, there’s a back and forth dynamic at work, and on top of this, there’s a detailed story-line to take on. Often in modern rap there’s very little to connect the entire song to its underlying concept – seemingly arbitrary ideas layer up, one on top of the other. In this case, 4ez holds close to the ideas at the heart of the track. His performance, whether whispered or introduced with weight and grit, always reflects this further and keeps a genuine level of emotion or passion at the forefront of the experience.

Without being forceful or overly loud, 4ez manages to leave his mark with this track – crafting a clear sound of his own, and doing so in a somewhat musically humble and enjoyable fashion. The track has a great groove about it, mellow and thoughtful. A strong step in a worthwhile direction.

Download the single via iTunes. Find & follow 4ez on Facebook & Twitter. For more information or insight, check out his interview with MTVRock here.

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