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40WitDat30 200


Stylish production and captivating visuals back up the fast bars and lyrical precision of 40WitDat30, as hits like 200 inject heavy bass and sharp story-telling into the modern rap scene.

Leading with clarity and character, the flow and pace of the delivery is intense yet varied, and consistently recognisable. 40WitDat30 brings tone and identity that are easy to pinpoint, and each new section backs the changing energy of the music with a fresh twist in vocal rhythm – particularly that switch to the hook.

Less than a minute in length, as standard it turns out, but a memorable introduction regardless – 200 is merely a sample from a plethora of original releases.

Consider the contemporary references and emotive set-up for Blocked Servers, notably true to the artist’s way with thick bass, haunting backdrops, and vocal integrity, but leading with a new story and clever conceptual edge for the hook.

With Harder, versatility stands tall – soulfully melodic, purposeful vocal samples elevate the mood and sound as a notably more contemplative, mellow and passionately meaningful set of bars emerge. More of a chill track, thoughtful and smart, yet more calmly presented for that eclecticism and holding close to the audience’s interest.

A definite highlight for its humility and musicality combined – there’s a heartfelt edge and worthy poetic core to the whole thing, which suits the lightness and genre-free appeal of the music really well.

On the flip side we get the heaviest bassline yet, and an equally low-toned vocal lead, mellow yet compelling, as Slide adopts a stylistically minimal approach to keep things creative, contemporary, and equal parts intense and quirky.

Yet another side to the artist and rapper, devotedly uniting talent, professionalism and work ethic across a multitude of releases, each one lighting up his image and intentions both in performance and visuals. The chemistry is on point – expect big things as the climb continues.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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