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Fiercely unpredictable yet pristine and professionally captured, 3mind Blight’s newest venture This Web makes and breaks its own rules, throughout a complex and powerful three minutes and forty-nine seconds…

“I can see inside of you
A place to hide
A world that thrives
In spite of me
Where love survives”

Boldly haunting and deeply creative production backs up the equally captivating voice of 3mind Blight, as his brand new orchestral rock epic This Web hits the music world with unrivaled impact.

From simple beginnings, the melody and voice prove alluring for their darkness and easily memorable progression. Meanwhile the soundscape builds and builds, reinforcing the unsettling qualities of the lyrics and the story, and soon enough that voice takes this evolving emotion to intensely powerful peaks.

Undoubtedly one of his most authentically gritty and distinct performances yet, This Web sees 3mind Blight at his best vocally. There’s a certain fearlessness achieved when meandering from delicacy and contemplation to outright scorn and desperation – when it’s real you can hear it in the switch; the ache, the volume, the presence. It’s an uninhibited devotion to the moment, to the passion of the writing and what the song meant at its point of composition, and 3mind Blight commits unequivocally.

Melodically the track veers off towards heavy metal for its chorus, a rise and fall that’s dissonant yet just as effective for its simplicity as the verse. The orchestral production remains and helps create the spiraling fullness of the resolve. Piercing strings, dramatic drum hits, vocal fragments in the distance, all works to underline the inescapable chaos of The Web.

Forever willing to explore the lesser-covered realms of human complexity and pain, 3mind Blight continues to raise the bar creatively, whilst maintaining his edge and identity as an unmistakable artist.

Download or stream This Web here. Check out 3Mind Blight on Twitter, Apple, Soundcloud, Bandcamp & Instagram or visit his Website.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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