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3Mind Blight Pain Won’t Go Away (Feat. Clare Estelle)


Melancholic depth and self-reflection pour through in compelling waves of heartbreak for this immersive new collaborative release from 3Mind Blight and Clare Estelle.

Admittedly we’re a little late to the party, but not for lack of adoring the direction the duo went with this track. Pain Won’t Go Away has already amassed thousands of plays across the streaming platforms, and both artists are rightfully riding the wave with continued collabs and equal parts creativity and hard work.

Forever an act worth taking the time out to listen to, 3Mind Blight injects his unapologetic honesty and vulnerability into this single in such a genuine way – it becomes almost impossible not to connect with the purity of the process.

In addition, the sheer clarity of the recording, the minimalism of this guitar and rhythm-led ambiance, allows the natural passion and ache of the concept to connect more strongly than ever.

The whole thing seems to reignite the openness and weight of alternative rock from a simpler era, and simultaneously throw in lashings of contemporary emo-rap-style songwriting, for an ultimately immense level of realness and musical escapism combined.

Clare Estelle is an artist a little newer to our radar, but the softness and equally expressive nature of her voice adds such a beautiful dynamic to this song. The intimate guitar sound, the weight of the opening rap vocal, are reinforced in a powerful way by the delicacy and harmonising qualities of Clare’s voice. It’s an unexpectedly hypnotic change to proceedings, and it fits so well – both artists seem united in this realm of uncertainty and struggle.

This is songwriting that means something, with verses that grip, and a hook that resolves and strangely satisfies as it cries out on behalf of seemingly endless pain, longing and lostness – the crushing reality of separation, isolation even. The ideal late-night anthem for this year in particular.

Beautifully crafted, an easy highlight from the 3Mind Blight catalogue to date, and a stunning introduction to the unique vocalist and songwriter that is Clare Estelle.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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