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3mind Blight Love Game (Feat. Nathalie Miranda)


Beginning with the beautifully enveloping sound of colliding keys and a mellow yet nostalgically dramatic drumline, 3mind Blight’s latest single Love Game once again shines light on a whole other side to the elusive and consistently passionate artist.

Mike’s voice sounds sublime in this ethereal setting, beautiful in its fine unity of delicacy and passion – the rasp and gravel intertwined with the soulful smoothness of each outpouring. The opening verse is especially captivating, a certain vulnerability emerges in both lyric and tone, with a juxtaposed degree of tuneful calm and outright uncontainable lostness that’s subtle yet striking.

The melody itself is about as close to mainstream pop as we can expect from the unpredictable 3mind Blight, and while the entire first half of Love Game adheres to this formula, it’s ultimately a featured Nathalie Miranda who injects the suddenness – the power, distortion and energy, to completely redirect things.

Nathalie’s performance is fiercely devoted to the lyrics at hand, another unmistakable voice from an artist who commits with equal integrity to her own sound. Love Game fuses the two realms well, and introduces indie fans to a completely fresh style and aptly relatable reflection on the trials and tribulations of love.

As ever, an unexpected yet impressive collaboration, resulting in a song that openly celebrates the strength of two creative minds united in the musical space.

Love Game is chaotic yet colourful, hypnotic and catchy but non-intrusive – feeling like both a rise-and-fall classic and an alternative, occasionally freestyle-seeming expression of true angst and uncertainty.

Out January 16th on all platforms – download or stream Love Game here or via Apple. Check out 3mind Blight on Twitter, Songwhip & his Website. Find all things Nathalie Miranda here.

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