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3Bubble & J. Gray Kelechi Next


Dubbed recently as the new Outkast, an intriguing achievement, to say the least – 3Bubble & J. Gray collaborate to bring audiences precisely the energy and vibes you might hope for. Kelechi Next is their latest single, a sneak preview of what’s to come as their album is due to appear at the end of the month. It’s a smooth track with plenty of character, structured in a way that keeps things moving, forever interesting yet consistently easy to relax among.

Character matters, the sound of your voice matters and your delivery as well, particularly in such an overflowing world of independent music. What you say is where the heart is, the realness, the power, but how you say it is a big part of what gets people to tune in or turn it up a little louder. These guys each offer a necessary level of personality, the differences between which are always clear, but at the same time – they bounce off of one-another in a totally genuine way.

Kelechi Next is an addictively easy to escape to piece of soul and funk-infused hip hop. The music has been produced to a standard that would work in its own right – not dissimilar to these down-tempo, lightly joyful soundscapes that are making waves across YouTube right now. The music working hand-in-hand with the rappers though makes for something that is levels above the simplicity of ambiance.

Musically, the meeting of the tripped-up yet light beat and the slightly jazzy, soulful, vintage sounding, choir-driven backdrop creates a unique contrast. On top of this, 3Bubble & J. Gray exercise their freedom to perform and express ideas, their skillful wordplay, their high energy, and all of this again adds further colour and detail to an already interesting piece of music. The story-lines that are touched upon draw you in with minimalism and confidence. The album is likely to be huge.

The album, LFTP Season, Vol. 1 Reloaded comes out on May 31st – pre-order via iTunes. Find & follow 3Bubblue & J. Gray on Facebook & Instagram. Visit their Website for more information.

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