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2kMajik LaFerrari


Setting pre-conceptions aside is often essential with the creative freedom and genre fusion currently lighting up the alternative scene. 2kMajik’s latest single marks a fine example, a track that atmospherically and melodically exceeds the implications of its title within the first few moments, and proceeds to blend that originality with an accessible and anthemic familiarity; for a distinctly relevant balance.

LaFerrari is a modern rap and trap single with a twist of RnB – a contemporary soundtrack with fragmented vocal rhythms akin to much of the current Hip Hop Scene. The song begins, however, with a devotedly ambient arrangement – an intriguing set-up that creates a sense of escapism and vastness not unlike the early hits from The Weeknd.

This production quality continues to stand tall throughout the brief yet impactful track, the final fifth in particular adopting a boldly cinematic sense of mystery and darkness, and wrapping up the experience in a memorable way.

Ultimately committed to its sense of living life in the fast lane, LaFerrari is all about escapism, and the production, arrangement, songwriting and performance all work to reinforce that. The opening verse is honest and melodically enchanting, the drop to the beat shifts that flow effectively, and the whole thing continues to tighten its grip for this unique meeting between the familiar and the uninhibited.

LaFerrari is a great addition to the modern Hip Hop and RnB arena, and it will be interesting to hear where else the music takes 2kMajik in the coming months.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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