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1Lil Manu Exodus


Introducing a fresh contemporary approach, blending the vocal sound-play of the current hip hop scene, with an increasing edge of personal honesty and even turmoil, 1Lil Manu paves the way with a fast-paced yet deeply genuine single.

Featuring heavy bass work and trap rhythms, alongside an auto-tuned vocal that’s upfront and recognisable despite the weight of the production, Exodus brings in a structural rise and fall to keep the focus ultimately on that voice.

Manu’s journey is laid bare, uniting outright confidence on the mic with intricacies and revelations from his climb that seek to both impress and connect on a lasting level.

Reflective and occasionally freestyle-esque as the energy peaks, Exodus maintains a melodic guitar line underneath its intensity, and consistently reverts back to the emotion and self-determination at the heart of the writing.

Born in Anaheim, CA, 1Lil Manu later spent ten years in Charlotte, North Carolina, before returning to California after the devastating death of his brother. Entering the studio has been therapy for a troubled mind, and the music speaks volumes on behalf of the past couple of years of devotion to that cause.

Having already racked up almost 40k views on his video Nobody, and bagged a mention on the renowned podcast No Jumper – ‘Keep grinding, keep working, we see the potential’, it seems like the only way is up.

Exodus hits the scene with conviction, presence and intention – qualities that will hopefully stand tall throughout the expanding 1Lil Manu catalogue.

Download or stream Exodus here from May 2oth. Check out 1Lil Manu on Instagram & YouTube.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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