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1hittwonder & Cyntel Infinite


Ambient design and contemporary trap and emo rap tones pour through for a catchy and emotive opening single, and later an incredibly contemplative, emotional collection, as 1hittwonder and Cyntel collaborate for Infinite.

Showcasing a fine use of contrast between the two artists and thus between moments of each track, from the warm and ethereal to the more cleanly cut and fast-paced, the project keeps things both colourful and deeply human. As an introduction, Red Flag is all of this, relevant to many but also notably personal and anecdotal enough to feel genuine.

Cinematic sound-design is a definite trait, however subtle, of this EP. The beginnings of each song and indeed the very ends underline that quality effectively. Around Me is another example, soon adopting a smooth, intimate performance, yet maintaining this underwater-style vibe of unique production, effectively blending the contemporary pop world with a more alternative creative angle.

Fantasy takes that quality further, yet offers a notably passionate, intense performance style, leaning towards The Weeknd and MJ to a degree, shining light on a whole new side of the project and artists behind it. A definite highlight, immersive and uplifting, heartfelt and impressive.

Catchy hooks and simple production follow, whilst the voices remain unmistakable – No Worries switches up the flow and structure in an organic and increasingly likable way. Another memorable stand out, also connecting for its honesty and vulnerability; a topic not so often explored in such a manner.

Afterwards, Time Is Of The Essence combines all of this, taking things down an unapologetically real pathway of reflection and scorn and uncertainty, for a delicate yet compelling listen that’s well-placed for impact. And creatively the whole thing reinvents itself for the latter half, trading comforting grooves for unpredictable artistry in a professionally alluring fashion.

Then to finish, Butterfly Free highlights the energy, passion and musicianship of the duo in a bold and beautiful way. Fearlessly uniting genres, with organic piano and retro vocal synths combined, the song feels like a purposeful expression of its underlying sentiments – that artistic aspect guiding once again. A refreshingly authentic, imaginative way to close down the EP.

Six original tracks, sometimes focused on good vibes, other times intent on pouring integrity and personal truth into the process. Infinite fascinates, engages, and allows the listener to escape entirely for a while. Well worth a few spins this season.

Check out Infinite here. Check out 1hittwoner & Cyntel on IG / IG.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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