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13 Echoes Boat Song


UK Folk trio 13 Echoes keep things musically simple and conceptually provocative, elevating a fearless writing style and organic, timeless musicality, for the powerful new single Boat Song.

Initially intriguing in its declarations and implied depth, the song presents an acoustic performance and long-form vocal layout of statements and ideas that slowly string together an overall sentiment and story. This is revealed and showcased distinctly as we reach the chorus, a conclusive moment that elevates the sound and appeal of the whole thing – particularly the quick intertwining and juxtaposed implications of ‘singing God save the queen’.

The band ultimately leave you tracing back through the lyrical journey, exploring the ideas and references and, hopefully, immersing yourself in refreshed perspective and empathy.

The final resolve of ‘You’re not welcome around here’ is brilliant, a songwriting peak that effortlessly encapsulates the emotions and events before it, and again leaves the song lingering in the mind of the listener – so much so that they will most likely head back and re-listen almost immediately.

Musically pure and promising as a reflective, societally conscious band, 13 Echoes have masses of experience to their name, and that level of involvement in music shines with undeniable brightness, for Boat Song.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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