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100 Watt Shine Don’t That Beat All


Celebrating authentic rock and roll on all counts, 100 Watt Shine deliver a resounding anthem of stylish guitars, gritty vocals and passionately intentional writing, with the brilliantly catchy Don’t That Beat All.

Kicking into gear with the blues-rock edge of the live sound of yesteryear, ‘I’m not afraid of dying, all my heroes are ghosts’ reaches out with immediately relatable escapism and quickly connects with rock fans past present.

Far from a predictable, nostalgic release, the song goes on to weave in a stripped-back central section of dreamy melodic guitar pairing, reverb-kissed and softly emotive – along with a general structure that refreshes and repeatedly resolves back to the infectious energy of that leading riff.

Feeling like a timeless classic of its kind, Don’t That Beat All features a guest appearance from the one and only Peter Stroud, guitarist for Sheryl Crow and Sarah McLachlin, among others, and showcases the 100 Watt Shine sound under a bright and impactful light.

A brilliant anthem of a rock track, passionately crafted and faultlessly performed. Enjoy.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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  1. Thank you, Rebecca Cullen, for such a charged and emotive description of our effort. You have made my day.

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