04 D'ice - I Still Care - Stereo Stickman

04 D’ice I Still Care


Swiftly moving from one style to the next throughout a mellow yet uncommonly crafted minute-fifty-six, I Still Care delves into the emotion of its concept with a fully artistic commitment to the moment.

Beginning with the simple, likable sound of an intimately recorded guitar riff, cleverly played and original yet familiar in mood, the track soon brings in a heavy bass-line and beat, unexpectedly intense, and follows this up with a chaotically mixed, effect-soaked and haunted vocal delivery that injects a clear degree of heartache into the process.

Uniquely creative, blending emo-rap tones with industrial production and organic layers of creativity all at once. 04 D’ice showcases a fresh approach to the modern sound, and digs into the topic of infatuation with a refreshing air of realness.

Musically unpredictable, brief yet powerful in its passionate, fearless relaying of the subject matter, and boldly indicative of the kind of artist at work.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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