☽$cY†HE - last voicemail (wanna b dead) [Prod. Misery] - Stereo Stickman

☽$cY†HE last voicemail (wanna b dead) [Prod. Misery]


Utilizing less than two and half minutes, ☽$cY†HE drives with emotional urgency and soulful turmoil on this single. From the offset you can hear the pain in the vocal delivery and in the lyrics – the song details loss and desperation, the end of something that meant so much. There’s a calming delicacy to the backdrop – the ambiance has a warmth about it, almost trip hop-like in nature. The vocal on top of this has a notably RnB inspired style, and the intensity presented by the lyrics and the vocal bending contrasts cleverly with that musical softness.

The latter half of the track introduces a near-rap style of vocal delivery, the effects differ now so the voice seems more distant and less invested in the struggle. Before this, the melody meanders in an uninhibited fashion – declaring the heartbreak and representing that feeling through and through. Meanwhile the music goes on, the beat continues, as if to showcase the truth of the situation – that life goes on regardless of what we go through or how we feel; the world keeps spinning.

The idea of wanting to be dead is exemplified in this song, the shock factor draws your focus to how deeply this story-line has affected the central character or singer – everything hits a little more poignantly thanks to the early outlaying of this sentiment. Musically still though – that calm and dreamlike electronic soundscape offers a thread of colour and peace in among the chaos and calamity. The fact that this all began as a voicemail adds to this gentle intimacy in a strangely contrasting way – it portrays a soothing aura again, though the lyrics undoubtedly offer quite the opposite of this.

Towards the end, things seem to resolve a little – a flicker of hope emerges, that perhaps things will be OK. In either case, the passion and soul that ☽$cY†HE puts into this is unquestionable. The song is powerful and memorable in its own genuine way.

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Rebecca Cullen

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