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Jode Gannon Signs to The Animal Farm Record Label


Back in October we heard and reviewed the beautiful EP 3 Hours by musician and songwriter Jode Gannon. This month the artist was signed to The Animal Farm label in preparation for the recording of his next EP due to begin in January; a wonderful bit of news to help wrap up 2016.

It’s a well deserved achievement, and considering the superb songwriting featured on the 3 Hours EP, the prospect of a new release under such management is massively exciting. His writing style fuses the openly emotional and honest nature of folk with the mature and stylish expression of a much bigger musical direction. The melodies and the performance style that Jode Gannon puts forth could easily become a part of something much more intricate and complex with the addition of a production team or a bigger array of instrumentation. Having said that though, it is undoubtedly the songwriting and the feeling presented in the performance that makes these songs shine so brightly, and so whatever the coming months have to offer – it’s something you won’t want to miss out on.

The Animal Farm is an established and well respected label based in London. They offer a much bigger studio space within which artists can make crisp, professional and striking recordings. Jode’s last release was a very raw, up-close-and-personal style of recording, which worked well in portraying the theme of the songs and in accurately representing the feelings behind the recordings – i.e. the genuine state of mind of the artist at the time of creating the project. Whatever is to follow for the next release is highly likely to make for a stunning listening experience.

A huge congratulations to Jode on his signing, and here’s to an exciting an unmissable musical journey for 2017. Find out more about the signing and the label over at The Animal Farm Website or visit them on Twitter. Find and follow Jode Gannon on Facebook and Instagram to stay updated. Head over to Wikipedia for more information.

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