Yung Squeeze - "I’m keeping busy by running up my cheques to increase my investments & take music full time this winter." - Stereo Stickman

Yung Squeeze “I’m keeping busy by running up my cheques to increase my investments & take music full time this winter.”


Following the release of his brand new single Big Dreams, we caught up with rapper and artist Yung Squeeze to find out more about the track, his style over all, and how it feels to break into the music scene as a new act. Here’s the conversation in full.

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Hey, thanks for the chat – congrats on the release of Big Dreams. Tell us about the track, who produced it, and what did you aim to make different about it?

It’s my favorite song so far in terms of singing, it was mixed and mastered by @smoothestudios, something I wanted to do different with it was see if instead of making a full on R&B song, I wanted to still keep that jump to the song which ended up with more of a Pop style song.

Great melodies and a generally colourful, uplifting summer mood – is the overall vibe important to you, or do you just get on the mic and see where things go?

The Vibe is the number one thing for me, I don’t write so every time I hop in the studio it’s just seeing where it goes but I definitely always work off the Vibe.

What’s the best lyric from the new track, in your opinion?

Other than the hook, my favorite line is “yea baby we can vibe but don’t fall in love with the tongue game, but she said that it’s better than the thug game and she said that it’s better than the drug game”

Given that you’re fairly new to making music, how easy was it to get involved in the music scene where you are, and to build your online presence?

I’m not really deep in the music game here I’m just doing my thang, my first song was very unexpected and a little “controversial” so it got a buzz going, plus it’s a “banger”.

How important is image for you as an artist?

Image is super important to me, that’s why I got the grapes and purple all over me, it’s also something to help build my brand off of.

What was it about the music of Drake or Juice World that first inspired you or stood out ahead of the rest of the scene?

What stood out from Drake was obviously the level of versatility, anyone can be “versatile” and make a bunch of different stuff but for the most part you’re going to know what that person’s true vibe is. Drake could throw out a hip hop, Pop and an R&B track and you would say they’re all the same level of fire, like me 😉

For Juice Wrld it was more on a relatability thing with his music, plus he also is very versatile if you listen to all of his unreleased music as well.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever come across regarding music and building a career?

Be consistent and don’t quit is the best I’ve heard so far, which also applies to everything else.

What’s next for you, what can fans look forward to, and how will you be keeping busy?

What’s next for me is music videos and live shows, so they can feel the energy behind what I’m saying and not just hear it, my fans can look forward to more singles for the next while along with some videos too, I’ll be dropping my first project in 2022 as well. I’m keeping busy by running up my cheques to increase my investments and take music full time this winter.

What’s something about you that people might be surprised to hear?

People might be surprised I wanna girlfriend.

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