WICHIE - "I wanna be a legend but also a friend." - Stereo Stickman

WICHIE “I wanna be a legend but also a friend.”


Introducing a revealing and emotive debut single and video, artist and songwriter Wichie kindly stopped by to talk about the new release Awake, and his journey so far in music. Here’s how it went.

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Hi Wichie – thanks so much for the interview, and huge congrats on the new single. For those who don’t know, how would you define your approach to making music; what’s the intention?

Hi – thanks soo much for everything. My intention in music is really to share my feelings with others because a lot of the time people don’t have anyone in their life, I want the world to listen and feel what I’m feeling every time I write a song.

You lay bare a certain vulnerability and fearless authenticity in your lyrics and performances – is there a therapeutic aspect to creativity, and who would you say has inspired you along the way to be so open?

I would have to say that my producer and my cusin YP100 have really been a huge help but one of my biggest inspiration is Juice WRLD. He really inspired me to do more in my life and help people with music and help myself as well.

Tell us about the song Awake – how did it come to be, and what does it represent for you?

Awake is my first song I released of many it’s my story of a messed up lifestyle, what one thing can lead to another. Drugs have been a big problem in my life and people also. A lot of people don’t get me and don’t understand my life and makes me feel alone in this world when even the ones you care about you try and try but can’t help.

What about the visuals – you’ve captured the mood really well – what was it like to design and shoot the video?

I really wanted my first music video to be fun and inviting to others but also make them think that there in a video that hypes them up while also thinking about the lyrics and story behind it.

“My intention in music is really to share my feelings with others because a lot of the time people don’t have anyone in their life.”

Are you the producer and songwriter, and if so – what do you start with creatively, and do you ever second guess yourself?

When it comes to writing a song and making sure I feel good about it I really need to feel the beat of the song and get something out of it by 20-25 seconds.

Every song that I make is a story of how I’m feeling at that right moment it can be sad, happy, stressed the song will be ether of those. Me and my producer will both agree if it’s good or not but I won’t take more than a day on a song.

Do you think it’s important for artists to be honest and transparent, even personal, to connect with fans?

I think it’s very important especially if your doing it for your fans and people cuz in my case I just wanna help people and make their day 100% of the time. I wanna be a legend to their eye but also a friend.

In what ways has social media impacted your reach as an artist, and how does it compare to the connection at live shows?

I haven’t performed yet but hopefully soon I’m hoping around the summer.

Do you have a dream venue or event in mind for performances?

I would love to perform for at least 200 people – in my eyes that’s a crazy amount of people. I honestly would love to perform anywhere but if I had to choose Rolling Loud would be a dream come true.

Is there more music on the way, and if so – what can we look forward to from that?

For my future music just envision an album with a variety of stories with different feelings.

What’s the best piece of advice you were ever given?

Best advice would be from my producer Martin. He always tells me every day “don’t ever give up” .

Is there anything else we should know?

My new song Fall Apart is coming out May 6th,2022 It’s one of my favorite songs I’ve released yet and many more I’d also want to say that hopefully and I pray I get to perform with my legends Post Malone, NAV, Bad Bunny, KID LAROI, Coi Leray and Halsey.

Thank you very much. Love all my fans.

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