Thee Rich Martin - "I really got arrested for my music. The world needs what's real now more than ever before." - Stereo Stickman

Thee Rich Martin “I really got arrested for my music. The world needs what’s real now more than ever before.”


Creative entrepreneur and musician Thee Rich Martin runs The Martin Empire out of The Bronx, and performs with a fearless and unrivaled level of confidence.

His new album Prince Of the Hood Book 1 breathes artistic freedom and style into the scene, and speaks volumes on behalf of Thee Rich Martin’s level of self-belief and determination.

We caught an interview with Rich, to find out more about his journey. Here’s the conversation in full.

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TheeRichMartin – a pleasure to interview you, thanks for the opportunity! To introduce things, where are you based, and what is TheeRichMartin all about as an artist?

I’m based in NYC, The Bronx specifically. I’m all about my truth as an artist and wherever that takes me. I venture into different genres whenever I need to express myself differently.

You’re a storyteller and mood-setter as a musician, Prince Of The Hood Book 1 marking a fine example – tell me about the creative process, the ideas and the production, your performance?

I tell my stories based specifically off of my privilege or misfortune. Like them or not, they’re all real. I express myself while living a life that’s sometimes stranger than fiction. I made all but one beat on both projects I’ve released.

Was this a solo endeavour or did you collaborate?

A Solo endeavour, Shoutout to “Novel Hooly the goat” – he was the studio engineer that mastered the mixdown.

HoodRich is intensely creative, captivating for its unorthodox minimalism, soulful backdrop, world-music twists, and sheer confidence. How does a track like this come about?

My Supreme confidence lol! I know what I am to this earth and I’m speaking on my power. “I really got arrested for my music” (got out, kept doin it) the world needs what’s real now more than ever before.

This album is distinctly different in style and substance to the 2019 EP Back Again. What was the inspiration for that shift, and how different is your approach to music these days?

This time I wanted to show that I’m a cross genre artist. This time it came across more obvious. Back Again was based off of true emotions after a breakup. This new album showcases Thee Rich Martin V Schmovedalegend – two sides of a dope artist.

Many of the new tracks feel like ambient explorations of feeling and thought – what was your headspace like during studio time, and how does it feel to listen back to these now that they’re in the hands of your audience?

I was giving the vibes I felt that I lived during the creation of the track. Whether I’m bragging or in pain it’s visceral, you feel it too.

Which track from the new project would you play for new listeners who only have time for one, and why?

I’m ok. It shows I can spit and be transparent. It speaks to my pain and still verbally says I’m ok when I’m not.

What was your upbringing like, do you come from a musical family, and how and when did your business mindset or the entrepreneurial intention emerge?

I always knew I was gonna be a musician. Did I know I would be a ghostwriter for music film and television? No, but life gives us paths to cross and I’m here to blaze new trails and stay successful.

What is ‘The Martin Empire’, and how does your work with this intertwine with your music and presentation as an artist?

I encourage people to date better. I help people connect with one another and my short films and videos speak to the human experience in all of its complexity. So does my music.

Do you have plans to perform these tracks any time soon, and if so, what can fans expect from that?

Yes indeed! I’ll be in NYC MIA ATL Philly Jersey

And DC it’s about to be on!

Is Book 2 already in the works?

Absolutely! It’s halfway done. BUT – There will never be another Prince of the hood book 1, it sits alone as a specifically unique vibe.

I wasn’t tryna make a hit, I was purging my reality. Book 2 will be hella dope also, that’s a promise.

Is there anything else we should know?

Know that it’s all my truth. Yes it’s crude and foul mouthed and sometimes weird but, let the artist draw, you’ll understand later…

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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